our commitment to sustainable practices at our lakefront Queenstown hostel


We don’t want this town – or world for that matter – deteriorating quicker than it should, so we do our best to “stem the flow” so to speak.

Every light fixture has been installed with LED energy-saving bulbs, and considering there’s a lot of them, that cuts down our energy consumption incredibly – we have also put notes around imploring our guests to consider turning lights and appliances off when they leave their room.

The fridges & TV’s equipped throughout the hostel have good energy-efficiency ratings, and the lights in our communal areas also switch off when nobody is in the rooms or hallways.

Our Laundromat consists of some of the most energy-efficient machines in their class, and our toilets are of a flush-efficient nature with dual-flush capacity.  All of our showers have restricters on them, limiting their flow and wastage, but still guaranteeing our guests a perfect shower experience.

We have a grease-trap installed in our kitchen to limit harmful waste entering the waterways. An auto-Urn for keeping water at boiling temperature ready for use, rather than constantly heating up water for your tea or coffee

. You’ll also notice in the kitchen is a bin – sponsored by our friends at Sea Shepherd – dedicated to re-useable bags for grocery shopping – the idea being they are returned for the next guest to utilise instead of getting plastic bags every time they shop.

Our housekeepers also use re-useable gloves, reusable cloths and minimal amounts of garbage bags to limit our plastic footprint.  And Finally, recycling goes a long way to conserving the planet – We do our best to do so by providing recycling-specific, bagless, bins on the premises for glass, plastics and paper. 

We do need your help though! So if you’re staying with us, please, please, please, dispose of your recycling and rubbish thoughtfully and turn your power points and lights off when not in use. We only have one planet, and our joint efforts can help reduce our impact and keep it beautiful for the generations of visitors to come!

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