Frequently Asked Questions about Queenstown & our accommodation

what are my booking's terms and conditions?

You can find a list of all the terms and conditions relevant to your booking HERE

Where are you located?

We are closer to Lake Whakatipu than any other accommodation provider in Queenstown!  Trust us, we measured 🙂

We are located at 50 Beach Street in Queenstown, which is the street that runs parallel to Shotover Street (the main street in town).  We are only a short stroll from the public bus stops on both Stanley Street and the Steamers Wharf/Crown Plaza bus stop. 

If you are arriving by car – and there is no special event taking place – you should be able to stop on Beach Street near our location to load and unload.  Please be aware that you have approximately 5min to do so.  Please see the ‘How Do I Get There’ section below for more information!

how do i get there?

If you are arriving by Intercity bus – you should be dropped at Athol Street.  From there it’s just a 200m walk down Beach Street and you’re there! 

If you are arriving by plane – the cheapest option is the Orbus which will cost $10.  You just get off at the Steamers Wharf/Crown Plaza stop, turn left off the bus and walk 100m with the lake on your right to our location on Beach Street.  You can also get off at the Stanley Street bus stop, and we’re approximately 150m away.  

If you purchase the ‘Bee’ card from the driver (approx. $5), then all transfers around the Queenstown district are only $2 – it really is the best/cheapest way to get around, and means you don’t have to find parking!

If you are arriving by car – vehicle access to Lower Beach Street is via Shotover Street then Rees Street*.  You can load/ unload anywhere on Lower Beach Street right outside our door (please make sure your car is stopped to the side to allow through traffic).  Please be aware that this is loading-only, and you have approximately 5 minutes in this area.  If you are unable to check-in within this time for any reason, we would advise you to drop your bags off with us and locate a parking space. 

*In the event that council close access to Rees Street due to a special event, access should be via Cow Lane*. 

*In the event that this laneway is also closed due to an event, please utilise the designated loading zones on Shotover Street to load/unload your luggage.  Please be aware that you have only approximately 5 minutes in these loading zones.  If you are unable to check-in within this time for any reason, we would advise you to drop your bags off with us and locate a parking space. 

If you are arriving by SuperShuttle or Taxi – SuperShuttle fairs vary in price depending on passenger numbers, and this service can be pre-arranged with them here this service will drop you close to our location.  A taxi will prove most convenient, but will likely cost the most.  Please be aware that deregulation of the taxi industry has meant there are some operators that less than trustworthy, so choose at your own discretion!  We recommend Queenstown Taxi’s or Green Cabs only.

where can i park?

Unfortunately due to our amazing location in town, we do not have any private parking available at the hostel. 

We recommend that guests with vehicles access our location via Rees Street or Cow Lane*.  You can stop for 5min to load/unload luggage anywhere on Lower Beach Street (please pull to the sides to maintain access), and we can advise you of parking options.  Please see/download the map below for all parking options close to our location.  Please be aware that you have only approximately 5 minutes in this area to load/unload.  If you are unable to check-in within this time for any reason, we would advise you to drop your bags off with us and locate a parking space. 

*Please be advised that if access into Lower Beach Street by vehicle is prevented because of a special event, we recommend to utilise the loading zones on Shotover Street.   Please be aware that you have only approximately 5 minutes in these loading zones.  If you are unable to check-in within this time for any reason, we would advise you to drop your bags off with us and locate a parking space. 

There is free 24hr on-street parking available in surrounding blocks nearby.  These obviously work on a “first come, first serve” basis.  These are available on Man Street, Lake Street, Isle Street, Brunswick Street, Thompson Street, Lake Esplanade and Park Street.  Just do not park on yellow lines or between parking signs or driveways.  Please see the map below. Parking places are highlighted with a red line.

There is also a paid parking garage located quite close to our location (Man St. Parking Station) in which parking costs around $20 for 12hrs. See the map for other paid options highlighted with the ‘P’ symbol. 

Can people under the age of 18 stay?

Absolootly!  However as we are a hostel environment we do have limitations.

If anyone is under the age of 18 they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Guests under the age of 18 also cannot stay in shared-room environments.  Any guest under the age of 18 must stay in private configurations with their parents or guardian – check out our family rooms page for configurations that will suit!

can i book tours with you?

Of course you can!  Our friendly reception team are here to help you get the most from your Queenstown experience.

We can help you organise almost everything you would want to do in Queenstown.  And if you want to have things pre-organised before you arrive, all we need is for you to contact us with your preferred activity, preferred dates and some payment details.

If you’re keen on doing something – but not entirely sure what you want to do – we can advise you in the right direction once you’re here and have a better idea of your surroundings and what’s available.  We also recommend to have a look at our tours page to give you a better idea then get in contact with us!

what are the reception hours?

Our current reception hours are 9am to 9pm.  If you believe you will arrive after 9pm, please get in touch with us prior to your stay to let us know so we can arrange a late check-in.

When can i check in?

You can check-in at approximately 3pm on the day of your reservation.

Earlier check-in MAY be available on the day, however this is subject to housekeeping – because we definitely need to provide you with a clean room!

If you arrive early in the day before we can check you in, we can store your things and you can chill out in our TV/Games room, relax in our premier kitchen, or hang in our comfy reception area and talk to our team about your next adventure!

can i check in after 9pm?

Yes you can!  You just need to get in touch with us via phone or email – preferably before the day of your arrival.  If you only realise you’re going to be late on the day of your arrival, please get in touch with us specifically via phone – before 9pm – on +64 (0)3 442 9522.

We have a late check-in process to provide to you, so it is important that you let us know as soon as you do.

We cannot assist if you get in touch with us after 9pm on the day you are due to check-in, and you will be considered a ‘no show’ for your reservation.

can i check out before 9am?

Yes you can!   Please just inform us before the day of your departure so we can provide the early check-out process to you.

Can i request a bottom bunk?

Yes you can, however requests can only be made if you have booked directly with us and not through a third party.  This request is also subject to availability.  Whether or not we can give you a bunk you prefer depends on who checked out in the room type you have booked.  When we are busy we can only give you a bed that somebody has checked out of. 

Please note that the bed you chose to occupy when you check-in is the bed you must occupy for the duration of your stay in that room.  Anybody found to have moved beds without permission or that we were not made aware of will be charged for the extra bed they have occupied.  If you wish to relocate beds during your stay, please request to do so at reception between 9am and 11am, and we will confirm if we are able to meet your request!

do you have bag storage?

Yes we do!  It’s free, provided you’re staying with us. The hours storage is open for you to store or collect your things are between 9am and 9pm.  You just need to use the labels provided to inform us of your collection date/name.

Multiple Day Baggage Storage (Overnight) This is a free service, however please be aware we cannot store multiple items of baggage per person – we can store 1 hand luggage size bag per person. We do not have the space to store large suitcases and backpacks. You must also have a reservation in our system to return to after your days away.  All bags must be zip sealed or locked – no loose items / shopping bags/ carrier bags / bin bags permitted.

Any guests that leaves behind bags bigger than “carry on’ size or hand luggage size will be charged a fee of $50 per bag, per day. We do not have the space for large bags and suitcases. 

are there lockers in the rooms?

Yes!  All of our multi-bed rooms have large under bed personal lockers inside! 

There’s enough space for your suitcase and anything else you want to put in there.  You just need your own padlock, or you can purchase one from our friendly reception team for $8 between 9am and 9pm.

do you provide linen?

YES!  We have fully made beds comfy beds, and if you ask nicely enough we might even have a towel for you!  Please note that sleeping bags are not permitted in the rooms – these need to be left in our storage facility.

do you provide hair dryers?

YES! and hair straighteners! These are avilable on reception upon request for free. These are used by the whole hostel though, so please ensure you return these as soon as you have used them. We don’t want to bother you in your room to request them back for somebody else to use. 

how long does it take to get to the ski fields?

Coronet Peak: 30min
The Remarkables: 45min
Cardrona: 60-75min
Treblecone: 100-120min

All times provided are approximations only – we cannot reasonably predict the driving conditions you might experience on your day of travel, but the times provided are reasonable expectations.

If you do not have your own set of wheels, transport can be organised for you which will vary in cost depending on your preferred mountain.

do you have ski/board storage?

Yes we do!  We have a secure ski/board storage area in our fully equipped laundry on the premises.  It is accessed by your keycard, and is under 24hr surveillance – it’s also locked down during the evenings betwen 9pm and 6am, so if you need to get your gear out before 6am it’s best to let us know the night before.

do you have bike storage?

Yes we do!  Our ski/board storage converts to a secure facility for bikes over the warmer months, and operates in the same fashion.  It’s key-card accessible, under 24hr surveillance, and is locked down between 9pm and 6am.

Please note that bike storage is for bikes only.  We are unable to store your bike box or bike bag in the same room. Guests who leave bike boxes behind at our premises after checkout will incur a minimum fee of $200 for it to be collected by the recycling/ waste management company.

do you have laundry?

Yes we do!  The Washatipu Laundromat next door is open from 9am to 9pm and is self service. Wash and Dry are $6 each and laundry detergent is $2. Machines take coins only – We can change your notes if you have New Zealand dollars. We cannot give you money from your credit card. 

Please be aware that we sometimes need to close the laundromat during busy laundry days from 10am to 2pm. 

Anything we’ve missed? Please contact us!