What to bring on your trip to Queenstown 


• Warm Clothes
• Thermals
• Thick Socks
• A Beanie/Touque/Skullcap
• Swimwear (in case you feel like going for a hut-tub)
• Skiing/Boarding Outerwear (if you have it)
• Skiing/Boarding Equipment (if you have it)
• Suncream
• Lip Balm (no one likes kissing chapped lips)
• Sunglasses
• An Alarm Clock (because you don’t want that hangover stopping you from hitting the slopes)


• Spring/Summer Clothes
• Closed in footwear
• Thongs/Pluggers/Jandals
• Hat
• Swimwear
• Sunglasses
• Hoody/Jumper (we do sometimes have cooler nights)
• Suncream
• An Alarm Clock (because you don’t want that hangover making you miss your jump out of a perfectly good plane)

Regardless of the season, don’t forget to bring your sense of fun, sense of adventure, and your sense of humour!

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