Down Days not Frown Days

by | Jun 30, 2017

With the weather being a little poor today (this does mean snow though, so we’re not too worried), it’s made us consider the age old question posed by everyone at some point when the weather is particularly crappy:  What the hell do we do today?

We’re asked this every time mother nature starts playing up, and for good reason.  Obviously we’re the adventure capital of the Southern Hemisphere – if not the world – but many of these activities are weather dependent.  For instance, no one in their right mind would want to go paragliding when the wind is howling and the rain coming down. This goes the same for any air-based activity; we’re yet to meet the person that is confident sky-diving in a snow storm.  Even activities like white-water rafting and jet-boating can be hazardous when the rain has come down in proverbial cats/dogs, and the river banks are bulging and flooded.

But don’t worry, there are always options available to those who can’t be put off so easy.  Tours like quad-biking with Off-Road Adventures will operate rain, hail or shine, and this is one of those experiences that is actually better in the wet (think mud, drifting, sliding, etc.).  The TSS Earnslaw will still operate, and even if the weather doesn’t help the view, it’s always a lovely day on the bay on the old girl (and the food over at Walter Peak Station will be safe from the rain inside your tummy).  Wine tours with Queenstown Wine Trail or Appellation are always operating no matter the weather, and Onsen Hot Pools are a great way to warm up if you’ve got the winter chills.

There’s also a bunch of indoor activities right here downtown – just out the front door of our epic location actually!  Fear Factory is great for families and friends alike, just make sure you’ve used the bathroom before the shit is literally scared out of you!  Otherwise grab a cocktail at Minus 5 Ice Bar, escape the brain-tingling rooms at Escape Quest, shoot Zombies (or your friends) at Thrillride, or just grab a game of mini-golf or a movie in the cinema.

Most importantly, don’t be one of those people that flies all the way to the other side of the world, only to shelve yourself in your room/bed for days just because the weather doesn’t tickle your pickle.  You’ve come a long way to do the same thing you could do back home, so get out of your comfortable bed – in the best hostel in Queenstown 😉 – get involved in the day, and go explore our beautiful home while you’re away from your own.