The ‘must-haves’ for an epic ski-trip

by | May 12, 2017

We get almost as many ‘first-timers’ staying with us in Winter as experienced snow-sliders, and that first Winter trip can always be a little daunting when it comes to packing.  The seasonaires have their process down-pat, but if it’s your first time – don’t fret!  We’ve got you covered right here with some handy advice to help you enjoy your time in the cold.

  1. Thermals!  If it’s your first Winter experience, it probably means you haven’t experienced a lot of cold before.  NZ has pretty mild winters in comparison to many other resorts around the world, however we still recommend invest in some good quality thermals.  Grab a couple of pairs as well, as unless they are merino (and even if they are) you will start to stink after a couple of days picking yourself up off the snow.
  2. Layers!  Don’t expect to just wear thermals, a t-shirt, and a big jacket.  Layer yourself up with a nice waterproof layer over top, so you’re never cold, and you can just strip off layers as necessary to cool down
  3. Don’t bring everything!  Queenstown has no dress-code when it comes to heading out on the town, so you don’t need to bring all your finer wear with you as well.  Apres Ski drinks should be enjoyed in warm clothes, so don’t be that newbie shivering under the Fergburger heaters at 3am in your short skirts/high heels.  Dress for the conditions and don’t be so concerned with how you look – function definitely trumps form in Winter!  you also don’t need a different outfit for every day of the week, so just give yourself a couple of hours to do some laundry on a day and pack lighter.
  4. Footwear!  And more importantly, socks.  Nothing is worse than cold feet, so bring some thick socks, and a lot of them.
  5. Duty Free!  Do yourself a favour and stock up a little off the plane – alcohol can get spendy, especially when you need a bevvie to discuss the days’ events every day!  So grab a bottle of your favourite, pull up a chair in reception/the kitchen, and have a chat about how rad you got before you hit the town.
  6. Alarm clock!  Don’t be ‘that person’ and miss the bus in the morning.  Just also don’t be ‘that person’ and not wake up to your alarm, thus pissing off all of your room mates!

Most importantly, just get yourself a reservation sooner rather than later, as the worst thing you can do is miss out on Queenstown’s best value accommodation!  You’ll be kicking yourself later when we get that ‘all-time’ season we’re due for 😉