Change Of Season For Queenstown

by | Oct 26, 2015

We’ve escaped winter’s clutches once and for all and have leapt headfirst into spring. The New Zealand Tourism Guide™ website describes October as a “gardeners’ delight”, exhorting readers to visit New Zealand’s many public and private gardens and enjoy the wonderful spring flowers in bloom during the month.

In our experience people vacationing in Queenstown in spring are looking for something more active than staring at plants (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For much of our clientele, spring is where they hang up their skis and winter jackets, grab a bike and head for the trails!

Do you miss the thrill of almost breaking your leg while slaloming down a winding ski trail now that winter is gone? You can experience all that again, only this time perched atop a sturdy mountain bike crashing through the undergrowth as you race down a dirt path on the side of a hill. The seasons change, but here in Queenstown there are endless avenues of high-octane fun, and plenty of likeminded people to experience it with. Have a buddy record a YouTube masterpiece of you heroically navigating a precarious mountain pass, or falling hilariously on your ass as you try to Dave Mirra a ramp meant for the under-twelves. Either way you’re going feel like a hero when you share the clip with your fellow office drones.

Queenstown even offers New Zealand’s first Gondola assisted bike lift, taking intrepid cyclists all the way up Queenstown Bike Park (the laws of gravity and your skills on a mountain bike will do the rest.) Over 120 kilometres of bike trails await! Snap on the bike helmet, ugly green t-shirt you’ve been saving for the occasion, overly expensive bike gloves you bought online and relive the BMX dreams of your youth. You may only be one wipeout away from a shattered tibia, but you’ll never feel so energized and alive.

Affordable half-day and all-day passes are available, or go the whole hog and grab a season’s pass. You can arrange a bike trip through us or with one of the many fine operators here in Queenstown. And at the end of a hard day’s riding through some of the most ruggedly beautiful terrain on God’s green earth you always* have a hot shower, clean sheets and a warm bed to return to at Absoloot Value Accommodation (*book in advance or we can’t guarantee anything).