Time For A Holiday In Queenstown

by | Sep 28, 2015

As we slowly emerge from the icy grip of winter into the warming embrace of spring, we notice that fashions start to change along with the weather; thermals, gloves and winter-jackets give way to reassuringly bland earth-tone sweaters and unnecessarily bright raincoats. Flowers bloom, bees buzz, woodland animals shake themselves awake from their long winter hibernation and other spring clichés happen. You too may be filled with a vague sense of longing or restlessness – a common affliction that affects many of us this time of year.

Luckily, there is a cure for the spring doldrums! Drop everything and go on holiday. Cash in your accumulated sick days from work and take an impromptu vacation. Your workmates will be jealous and your boss will hate you (but he probably already does so no great loss there). Convince your significant other to tag along, or ask that special guy or girl in your life to join you. Be spontaneous, be reckless. You have a lifetime of office drudgery and crippling credit card debt to go back to; spring is here and demands your attention – NOW!

Normally I’m a huge advocate of the throw-a-dartboard-at-a-map approach to holidaymaking – but seeing as I work for Absoloot Value Accommodations Pvt. Ltd. and live in beautiful Queenstown, I have to be biased and recommend our fair resort town as your next spring holiday destination. Sure there are plenty of tourist destinations vying for your attention, especially nowadays when the world seems so much smaller, but I guarantee you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere in the world that matches Queenstown’s mix of value, adventure and sheer natural beauty.

I won’t waste column space hyping up Queenstown as New Zealand’s top tourist destination. Google any article about New Zealand tourism and you’ll likely see Queenstown mentioned. We regularly make those annoying top-ten tourist hotspots lists you see all over the web. There’s so much to experience here that you’ll never complete it in one trip – many of our guests are return customers, some have been coming here for years.

Adrenalin junkies can choose between jetboat rides on Shotover River or bungy jumping off various scenic bridges and canyons scattered across town. If white knuckle boat-rides or jumping off bridges wasn’t death-defying enough, you could try skydiving or going canyoning (which is where you abseil over rocky canyons and raging rapids – which some people find fun, I am reliably informed). Those with more conventional tastes can just hang out by the lake, go on a relaxing bike ride in the country, hit the spa or go on a wine tasting tour.

Everything there is to do in Queenstown, we can organise for you. Or at the very least point you in the right direction and send you off to embark on your very own adventure. Beat the spring blues, come to Queenstown. A weekend or week long stay in our fair city is surprisingly affordable – especially right now as the winter rush is behind us and you can take advantage of our off-peak rates. What are you waiting for? Escape from your life for a little while, it’s good for the soul.

We look forward to seeing you at the best backpackers in Queenstown