Winter is coming…

by | May 24, 2015

Winter is well and truly on her way early this year, and alongside this anticipation of our old friend returning, we also have many exciting things on the horizon. Summer decided to come to a very abrupt and sudden end this year, with mad rain storms, a few cheeky earthquakes and even heavy snow in town during April and May. Which is terrible for those summer loving kids but for us winter children, the excitement of the looming snow season is so very sweet. Obviously too much hope is a dangerous thing and no one wants to jinx anything, but the storms keep coming, and every time the skies clear there is a bit more snow on the peaks. Furthermore, the ski fields all have a generous dusting already so there is much optimism in our hearts for an epic winter.

Now for our exciting news, Absoloot is getting one hell of a sexy make over just in time for winter. We are getting upgrading both our facilities and also the building will be getting a revamp. In terms of the facilities upgrade, we are getting a new kitchen, new lounge room and new dorm style bathroom. The building upgrades include new double glazed windows, all the plumbing is being renewed, the exterior is being repainted and also a new glass front awning. How goddam exciting!

We really wanted to treat our guests to a bigger kitchen area, as it has been apparent for a while that our old kitchen was inconveniently small. With that in mind we are building a fabulous new kitchen on the second level and it is going to come with an outstanding view! So in the space that our old kitchen occupied is now going to be the lounge room. It will be smaller, but more awesome. To alleviate the problem of having less space, we are going to have tiered seating, theatre style! There will also be 2 flat screen TVs – one for movies and one for video games. Furthermore we are throwing in a quiet room for skype calls, so it just gets better and better! Now onto our luxury new bathroom, previously all of rooms had been en-suite, however this can cause significant waiting times especially in the 6 bed dorms. So now we are building a lovely new dorm style bathroom to alleviate this problem and also we are now giving our guests the option of cheaper non en-suite dorm rooms.

The building renovations will be giving more life to very old building! We will now be more structurally secure and everything will operate more smoothly. Not to mention we will look a hell of a lot more spectacular!

So that is what is going on in our world right now…Waiting for winter and waiting for our makeover to be complete! We are currently closed to the public until the 18th June and we will be re-opening with a bang just in time for winter fest madness. So hold onto your hats kids, exciting times ahead!