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Only a few minutes walk from Absoloot Hostel QT and played over 18 holes, the Queenstown Frisbee Golf Course in the beautiful Queenstown Gardens is one of the must do’s while you’re in town… and best of all, It is entirely FREE!!! Perfect for something to do if you’re on a backpacker’s budget! There’s no charge to use the course and we’ve got frisbees you can borrow for free, provided you’re staying with us. Enjoy a casual game with a beer or play in one of the competitions organised by Queenstown Disc Golf Club.

The course was the first course in New Zealand originally with 17 object targets and a single basket in1996, it has grown to become a full 18 basket tournament course over the years and has become one of the most famous courses in the world. 

Tips: If you’re a beginner, make sure you use a mid range disc – getting the hang of a ‘driver’ straight away can be quite difficult. You don’t want to end up swimming in the lake to retrieve your frisbee. And lastly, NEVER throw your frisbee if there’s a chance yo could hit somebody.

 Come to reception and borrow a disc and open a beer! 

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Queenstown Free Parking Map

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Queenstown Free Parking Map