Come visit your backyard!

by | Apr 26, 2020

New Zealander’s it is time to fall back in love again with the South Island! Due to the unfortunate events happening worldwide, it is safe to say that any holidays you want to take will have to be domestic.

Why choose Queenstown? There are so many fun filled activities and spectacular scenic experiences waiting for you. Here are just a few reasons why NOW is the time to come explore QT…

  • Due to no international flights and lack of tourists, you will have the pick of accommodations, maybe even the best located accommodation in town!
  • There will be zero stress trying to pre book activities or book a table at one of the top restaurants.
  • No queues for the most famous burger place in town. You will be able to walk straight up to the till, order and leave in no time.
  • Queenstown, Wanaka and Glenorchy will feel like it did 50 years ago! Very few people to block your best scenic photos.
  • Love to camp? You will have the pick of the best camping spots.
  • Hike the most instagrammed spot in NZ (Roy’s Peak) and have no queues to take the ultimate mountain top selfie!
  • Golf courses (even Frisbee golf) will have no waiting at holes. No need to pre book those tree times in!
  • Do the Gondola and luge with a group of friends, and have the track to yourself. No more random luge pile-ups. Set your best time yet.
  • One of QT’s cons is parking! You will now have the pick of the carpark spaces.

We could go on forever as there are so many more exciting and stunning things to do and see in Queenstown. Don’t believe us? Book that flight and come stay with us, we promise you one hell of a holiday!