Food, food, FOOD!

by | Feb 21, 2018

We’re a little spoilt for choice in the food department here in Queenstown.  Whilst our permanent population sits at around 25000 people – a number you might expect would mean that we have maybe 5 restaurants to choose from – we actually have closer to 150, with the number increasing yearly.  What this means is that not only are you never too far from an amazing meal, but you are also stuck with such a plethora of options that it can be almost daunting to make a selection.  But worry not!  We have decided to write you up a quick editorial to make your choice a little easier should you get yourself in a bother about what to put in your gobb.

Breakfast:  The most important meal of the day.  Whether you’re nursing a sore head from the night before, or maybe you’ve got a full day of activities and adventures ahead of you – either way your first meal of the day needs to be on point.

Red-Rock – Cheapest cook-up in town, starting from $10.  Can’t go wrong in the ‘cheap and cheerful’ category, also good for a beer later on in the evening!

Atlas – Waterfront locals delight.  Menu changes quite regularly, speedy service, and a price-point that won’t break the bank.  This one will also feature for dinner (and hell, lunch too, why not?)!

Vudu or Bespoke Kitchen – Most popular cafe’s in town (Bespoke Kitchen is the newer sister cafe), has cabinet options if you’re on the go or a sit down menu, smoothies, health conscious options, and one of the best coffees in town.  Just good luck getting a table.

Yonder – One of the newer cafe/restaurant/bars in town.  Amazing variety of food, gourmet coffee options, and stick around after your late breakfast for lunch with a craft beer.

FergBaker – FergBurger’s bakery has a variety of pie’s and baked goods, but their breakfast wrap is on point for a meal on the go.  A staff favourite when we’re a little late out of the blocks, combine with a coffee and you’ll be ready to attack the day!

Lunch: Lunch is something of a bit of a past-time in Queenstown.  Almost every restaurant features cheaper lunch specials to get you in the door, and it’s the only time of the day where almost every single eatery in town is open – spoilt!

Habebes – Another staff favourite.  The words ‘healthy’ and ‘kebab’ don’t normally go in the same sentence, but this place pulls it off.  Kebabs, homemade pies, and pick your own salad options makes you feel a little better about yourself.

Flame – A meateaters paradise (they have other options though), Flame is a bit of an institution in Queenstown.  South african cuisine, they have some of their dinner options at a cheaper rate.  Ribs and chips is pretty hard to beat, but their mozambique burger is on point too!

Ivy and Lola’s – Close to the waterfront, this place actually does a great breakfast or dinner as well.  A little more expensive than other options – but we’re talking a couple of bucks here – a beautiful sit-down option if you’re looking for quality service with a quality view.

Wild Thyme – A bit of a hidden gem – it’s in a casino after all – but they’re lunch menu is cheap with $10 or $15 options that are also sizeable, good and usually quick.

FergBurger – Yeah alright, we said it.  It’s a Queenstown icon, the burgers are big and well made, and you can’t go wrong on the price.  Just do yourself a favour and try and order your burger over the phone, as you really do NOT want to stand in that rediculous line.  The burgers are good, but not a 2hr wait good.

Dinner: This is going to be a hard one to narrow down, but just like about we’ll give you a bunch that range in price and style so you can at least make the most informed decision to sort that hunger!

Smith’s – If you like American-style pub food and craft beer, look no further.  Constantly changing taps, and a menu that doesn’t go over $25 (but mostly hovering around $15), they have everything from buffalo wings, to po’ boys to pizza.  We can’t go past the loaded fries.  Ever.

The World Bar – Specialising in burgers, they’re menu is all less than $20 but has a pretty good variety as well.  We’re big fans of the mac’n’cheese balls ourselves, but the Mega Burger deserves it’s name.  Stick around after for drinks and live music or DJ’s hitting the decks.

Atlas – Told you it would feature again!  Tapas is the name of their dinner game, and paired with 20-odd craft beer options and a waterfront location, Atlas holds a place in our hearts.  Otherwise grab one of their 4 evolving main dishes if sharing isn’t your thing.

Bombay Palace – We now have 5 different curry-houses to choose from, and to be honest they all are pretty decent.  But the style and service of Bombay trumps the rest, and theres no shortage of curry options.  Go on a Wednesday night for $14 curry’s!

Blue Kanu – Looking to impress?  The meals here are incredible, and constantly changing.  Price-point is pretty typical of a nicer restaurant, but we would suggest cheaper than some.  But you can never go wrong no matter what you choose on the menu, as the Asian-Polynesian fusion really hits the mark.

Slow Cuts – You’re going to have to get yourself to Arrowtown for this one, but it will be worth it.  A great lunch or dinner option, extremely reasonably priced, and never put a foot wrong.  Smashed potato’s all the way!

And there you have it.  By no means is this even close to a full list, and we feel bad having to leave some other fav’s off the list (only because you’d get bored of reading).  This is just a snippet of the options available to you, so just hit up the team at reception for their favourite options, or give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we can point you in the right direction.  The best part?  If you’re lucky enough to be staying with us, then it’s all right out your front door! 😉