Why not Autumn or Spring?

by | Mar 9, 2017

Summer and Winter tend to be the most popular periods to visit Queenstown for obvious reason.  However the Autumn and Spring periods often get overlooked for their warmer and colder counterparts.  Fair enough too.  Winter is there for the skiers and boarders (we don’t tend to get a lot of snow at the end of Summer – go figure?), and Summer is for the sunshine chasers, those hoping to get New Zealand in it’s best (and warmest) dress.

But Autumn and Spring have their place as well.  If landscape colour is your bag, look no further than March, April and May – particularly late April/early May, when the trees look like their on fire, and chocolate is still in abundance from Easter.  Queenstown can sometimes turn it on weather-wise as well, and these months tend to be a bit quieter on average, meaning there’s more of Queenstown to go around.

Spring still catches the snow season, and quite often September can be the month of the season.  Warmer temperatures and quite often sunny conditions means it’s “Suns’ out, Guns out” kind of days up the hills, giving us slushy snow and longer days to shred it.  As the season continues and the mountains close, the days give way to mountain biking and hiking, keeping the stoke high as the season eventually breaks to warm temperatures and an excuse to get your flesh tanned after a long period of covering up your extremities.

In all honesty, unless there’s a particular weather condition you’re looking to catch, you’ll never be disappointed with the time of year you decide to visit us.  Just make sure you book in advance using our system to guarantee the most availability and best prices for your stay.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out on your chance to crash with us at the most central Queenstown accommodation in town!