Best time for a Queenstown Holiday

by | Sep 2, 2016

We get a lot of questions about the best time to visit Queenstown or New Zealand in general.  Obviously this comes down to personal preference in most cases, and some activities are entirely dependent on a certain season – it wouldn’t be exactly ideal to come for a snowboarding trip in the middle of Summer for instance.  But Queenstown really is a year-round resort, and there really isn’t a ‘bad’ time to come visit as it were.  It’s just entirely a lottery in regards to the weather!

Summer and Winter are definitely peak season here, which means the streets are abuzz with activity at all times.  Reservations really are essential for these times of year – December through to April and then June through to August – so if you are intending on heading our way, make sure you get a reservation in advance.  Particularly in Winter, as the predominant amount of guests are booking months in advance, so you don’t want to literally be left out in the cold!  But if you want to see Queenstown at it’s peak in terms of people and weather, then these are the periods for you.  There’s never a shortage of people to party with, and likewise finding a friend to do a Bungy or tour to Milford Sound with is just as easy.

On the other hand, if crowds aren’t your ‘thing’, and you’re not too perplexed about seeing Queenstown at its’ coldest or hottest, then Spring and Autumn might be more your speed.  It is definitely quieter during these periods around town – in saying that though, if you’ve never seen the town at the peak times, you could be forgiven for thinking it was still hustling and bustling!  But trust us, it definitely is quieter around town (and New Zealand in general), which can be a nice change of pace if making plans in advance really isn’t your ‘thing’.  Everything still operates as normal over these periods though, so you won’t miss out on that Skydive you really wanted to do, and quite often accommodation can be cheaper during these seasons!  Spring and Autumn also bring out the best in the local flora, so if seeing the country in full bloom, or likewise seeing the hills on fire with Autumn colours are what really gets you going, then look no further:  September through November for those who like to stop and smell the roses (literally), and April through May for those who can’t get enough of the colours orange, yellow and red.

So don’t think you’re missing out by coming to visit us here at Absoloot Value Accommodation during ‘off-peak’ season – you might regret not doing it sooner.