Winterfest 2016

by | Jun 24, 2016

Well it’s that time of year again.  The Winter season has begun here in Queenstown, and whilst the weather isn’t entirely on our side right now, we’re all well aware June is a little early to expect lashings of the white stuff.  Coronet Peak might be looking a little sad right now, but Cardrona and The Remarkables have plenty of terrain open to rip quality turns on, so there’s no excuse to keep that board shelved.

But let’s be honest – you’re not just coming to Queenstown for the shred times.  You’re coming over for the good times as well, when the shred times are being held hostage by Mother Nature.  And the pinnacle of our Winter good times has to be good ol’ Winterfest.  The setup is in full swing, and Earnslaw Park is looking more like the venue for a music festival, rather than a quaint little patch of green to park yourself while munching on your Fergburger.

Queenstowns’ Winterfest is now in it’s 42nd year, which means it’s officially at an age where it should be buying a sports car and dying out the grey hairs.  And the more you consider it, the more this analogy is kind of true – the festival isn’t resigning itself to its’ age – it is grabbing ‘life by the proverbial balls’, and putting on a better and bigger show year after year, with 2016 no exception.  The stage is set, the fireworks prepped, and we’re salivating at the eatery options already being parked outside our front door.

Queenstown Winter festival

Being right next door to a majority of the festivities, we have the luxury of being able to enjoy the opening night fireworks from our kitchen and watching the main stage from guest rooms, if one is not inclined to go outside into the melee.  But to hell with it – throw caution to the wind and get involved.  Grab a venison burger and a Rekorderlig Cider at the beach side bar, have a boogie in front of the band, and finish your night with a cheeky Churro on your way back to the only Queenstown Hostel or Accommodation that’s inside the festival gates.  Sounds awful, right?

The following week has a jam-packed program of events and festivities, and if there’s nothing there that doesn’t get you excited in some way, shape or form, then you should probably check that your icey heart is still beating.  So do yourself a favour and make sure you’re here for the festivities if you’re not here this year.  And do yourself even more of a favour and book yourself into the best located accommodation in town – because we know how much no one likes to walk!