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New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a particularly busy time in Queenstown, so make sure you get your reservations in early!  To make reservations over this period you actually need to contact us directly, either via email or phone.  We also have a couple of extra stipulations for reservations over this period:

1. If your reservation includes New Years Eve or New Years Day, then we require a 4 night minimum stay.
2. All guests must be over 18 (and provide ID upon check-in), otherwise a parent or guardian needs to be present.
3. We accept International Passports only over this period.
4. Strictly no drinking in the hostel for New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Unfortunately with our location being inside the exclusion zone – and the fact the New Years tend to send people a little silly – we do require the hostel to be alcohol free for the 2 days over New Years.

If the above suits you, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for a quote!