Rooms & Rates

Just pick your desired configuration to find out everything you need to know – each room is a little different, so have a look at the descriptions to guarantee you get what you’re looking for!

Our rates do change season to season, in fact we actually get even cheaper than we already are! So make sure you click on our big booking button above and check availability and prices for your desired dates, because you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Also, please make sure you book direct via our website, email or phone to take advantage of weekly or BBH rates, as they cannot be applied if booked through an agent.

New Years Eve is a particularly busy time in Queenstown, so make sure you get your reservations in early!  To make reservations over this period you actually need to contact us directly, either via email or phone.  We also have a couple of extra stipulations for reservations over this period:

1. If your reservation includes New Years Eve or New Years Day, then we require a 4 night minimum stay.
2. All guests must be over 18 (and provide ID upon check-in), otherwise a parent or guardian needs to be present.
3. Strictly 1 reservation per room ie. multiple rooms cannot be booked under a single reservation.
4. Strictly no drinking in the rooms – whilst we do allow drinking on-site, guests must remember our premises is a place to rest and relax, partying takes place in the bars and clubs.
5. We have a strict 1-strike policy – break our rules during your stay and you will find yourself very quickly without a place to sleep during the busiest time of year. Play by the rules and we can all be friends!

If that suits you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to check availability and pricing over this period.