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Shaun is the head-honcho, the big-cheese, all-that and a bag of potato chips (or so he tells us).  He’s been in Queenstown for approximately 10yrs, with no intention of re-joining the real world anytime soon.  With a wealth of knowledge about Queenstown – in particular the mountainbiking and snowboarding side of things – he’s got all the info you require, and doesn’t mind taking people on a lesson or 2 up the mountains in both seasons.  Protip:  Beer is the international currency of the world!


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Chris has been in and out of our lives since the inception of Absoloot back in 2010, teasing us almost every year with a drop-in or 2, moonlighting as a housekeeper and general rad individual.  That started to get tiresome after the 4th time – we don’t like goodbyes – so we figured we’d better hire him to keep him around a little more consistently!  Chris loves Queenstown as much (if not more) than the rest of the team, and he’s also probably the most well-traveled of us as well, so we figure he probably knows what he’s talking about…


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Lucy forms 1 half of the feminine perspective here at AVA, keeping the boys honest and in-check.  She’s our senior Reception Manager and has been with us for 4 years, whilst she’s been in Queenstown for approximately 6 year.  With a few seasons working at one of the ski-resorts under her belt, she’d school you up on the slopes if you could keep up.  Lucy also happens to be an expert on the local night-life, so if a giving yourself a potential hangover is your scene, look no further!


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Sara is the freshest member of the mob, joining us on the reception team in December 2017 after enjoying the finer life as a Queenstown bum for a few months prior.  This means that whilst she might be the most impressionable of the bunch, Sara’s also had the benefit of actually being a tourist in New Zealand, so she’s well versed in the what, why, and how of the things to do.  And if you invite her out for a quiet evening bevy, just don’t challenge her to a drinking game – the Irish aren’t to be messed with!