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Job Opportunities


We have a small and tight-nit team here at AVA – which is beneficial to you as the guest, as it means you’ll be able to get to know us on a more intimate basis, avoiding the issue of never talking to the same reception manager twice if you have a question or problem.  However if it’s a job you’re looking for, it does moderately work against you on the fact that our reception team is pretty tight, and it’ll be difficult to break us up!

Don’t despair though, as things do change – so feel free to email us with you CV and a little bit about yourself, as we keep resume’s on file for 3 months.  If you’d prefer a position on our housekeeping team though (which does change quite regularly), then we recommend you drop in and see us on your arrival – you never know your luck!
If however you don’t really mind where you work and you’re just looking for anything to get you by during your time in Queenstown, then you’re in luck!  There are a myriad of job opportunities available in town, from labouring to bartending – and everything in between – so bring a nice outfit  (bosses don’t tend to hire messy individuals), a whole bunch of resume’s and your best attitude, and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.  Just make sure you arrive just before the peak seasons – November is good for Summer, May for Winter – to give yourself enough time and the best opportunity before the seasonal rushes begin.  
And word for the wise: don’t be too picky!  There’s always time to search for that dream job, but if you have to leave because you don’t have the cash to support yourself because you were too picky from the start, then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Good luck and hopefully we’ll see you sooner rather than later!